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This section will help to use the application with a methodology that I will qualify as decisional based needs. Indeed, according to your needs the following schemas will lead you directly to the point you need to read and get help with. You read the schemas like a normal decisional schema and follow it until you reach the point you need information, from there once you are done with that point you can either come back to the main schema or follow the instructions after each point. Also, some hints textbox will be added in some of the points to help you to optimize your injection.

Moreover, this tutorial doesn’t intend to teach you a methodology to how to find SQL injection or how to inject them but rather give some suggestions or advices to optimize the efficiency of the application. Again, someone could use their own ways to find them and just use the application for the blind SQL portion and never use this tutorial.

As a final note, I would strongly suggest reading this tutorial from the beginning to the end, at least once, to help for your future SQL injections and at the same time learn about some of the really helpful "Hints".


In order to make the tutorial you should first download the tutorial, then follow the decisional schemas and read the points they refer in the PDF. You will find the schemas after this subsection and at the beginning of the document as well.

Click here to download the tutorial


Main schema tutorial

Load Page schema tutorial

Blind SQL Injection schema tutorial

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